a particular style of spitting using the tongue on the roof of your mouth to create pressure strong enough to shoot a thin stream of spit between a gap in one’s two front top teeth.
nice gleat. thanks. cool.
it can be used as a noun, an adjective, a pr-noun, a verb, or just an interjection. it can be used as whatever word you need, it just depends on your inflection. a good word when all others fail you.
man, that car runs like gleat.


that is gleating awesome…..

what a gleat.

dude, i gotta gleat.
the acc-mulation of perspiration in ones natal cleft (-rs-crack)
1) and the peleton really is working hard now, during this stage when the polka dot jersey for the t-tle of ‘king of the mountains’ is won and lost. during this period of extreme exertion, one can just make out rivulets of gleat running from the rider’s saddles.
{tour de france bbc2 july 2004}

2) awww mate! there’s no way you can try to snurge that girl on the dancefloor, look at the amount of gleat soaked through to her skirt.

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