Glen Burnie

a suburban town about 20 minutes south of baltimore, md in anne arundel county. home to many homeless people, shacks, and trashy people. also home to many car dealerships with cheesy ghetto commercials and horrible lazy glen burnie “accents”.
i commute 30 minutes to downtown baltimore everyday just so i don’t have to be -ssociated with anyone from glen burnie high school.
a ghetto suburb in maryland, inside the triangle created by baltimore, washington dc, and annapolis, being about 20-30 minutes away from each.
a selection of people from baltimore, washington dc, and annapolis mix together in glen burnie, making it a run-down, ghetto -ss suburb.
a town 20 minutes south of baltimore easily accesible from md 100 or 97 just off of ritchie and crain highways. has a reputation for trashy and lower cl-ss people. the parties however are incredibly good, generally with very sociable people and crazy ones mixed in just like every good party needs. the best way to describe it is glen burnie is close enough to the ghetto so people know how to party but far enough away to not worry about getting shot. people hear stories about the parties but the only real way to get to one is to know someone, because glen burnie is slightly isolated from all the other school districts.
dude that glen burnie party was sweet! people were skateboarding in the bas-m-nt and the beer pong games were epic!

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