male s-xual -j-c-l-t-, s-m-n
that dude fired glibbersnop all over my face!

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  • Glory Bag

    the glory bag is a cross between a glory hole and a duffel bag making a portable glory hole. to be glory bagged is to unwillingly be placed into a glory bag and p-ssed around. he’s bought a glory bag for the boys, and it’s full. i got glory bagged the other day, there must […]

  • Glorygays

    best bunch of gaymates ever looking back, those guys, those times, they were the glorygays.

  • glove it before you love it

    meaning… “put on a condom before you have s-x.” girl:: you better glove it before you love it bcuzz i cant get pregnant!

  • gluh gluh glee

    the noise one’s stomach makes when they have have consumed too many liquids. gluh gluh glee occurs when one is very very hungee. i drank 8 gallons of vitamin water and now my stomach is making a lot of gluh gluh glee. last week i was gluh gluh gleeing during all my finals.

  • glukup

    n. an onomatopoeia, the sound of a thick fluid slowly moving from its point of origin to its destination as determined by gravity 1. “this ketchup won’t glukup.”

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