someone who acts like a spastic or a psychopath
stop punching me you glike

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  • a recognize speech

    the explanation you provided to your love interest of why they should give you a chance. i can’t do it no more. it’s been 2 years of waiting. she needs to stop looking for mr. right when i’m right here. i’m about to drop a recognize speech on her and see what happens,

  • lakeshia

    she is very aspiring!!!! such a beautiful person. deeply rooted and graced with intelligence.. lakeshia is reaching for the stars and nothing less

  • mmofb

    mind my own f-cking business hey, if i overstepped, feel free to tell me to mmofb and i’ll shut up.

  • breksh*t

    the sh-t you take straight after breakfast when arriving at work needing to use the toilet. making sp-ce after breakfast hence breksh-t.

  • tiltil

    1. things i learned and/or thought i learned, 2. things i learned and/or think i learned. when you have a minor epiphany, and realize or see something from a new perspective which causes you to at least smile to yourself about your genius. hay, good day for white wedding. today mine was about the use […]

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