Global Government

see star trek federation

see also gay
f-ckin marxist nerds

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  • glunker

    an elderly individual that has a mole that resembles that of an iceberg on fire. the glunker went to the dermatologist but nothing counld be done because he was too old and the dermatologist was afraid that the glunker might eat him.

  • Spot the white man

    a term used when you’re in an area that is full or almost full of dark skinned people. you know in blackburn? it’s like ‘spot the white man’!

  • Sraying

    a form of eating while sleeping and sewing while its snowing outside. dude where have you been? i’ve was sraying and i made this sweater for you.

  • Srongwichu

    means “whats wrong with u” idiot: haha i raped a girl last nite. police officer: srongwichu u idiot!!!!!!! ur under arrest


    in english: serbian p-n-s! always longer than that of a croat, muslimana iz bosne, and a shiptar (albanian). dumb -ss american girl: “gosh! you serbian guys have a way longer p-n-s than that of the croat and albanian i’ve sucked before!” serb dude: ” no duhh b-tch, i’ve got srpski kurac.”

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