Global Warming

an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, especially a sustained increase sufficient to cause climatic change.
“stop global warming!”
when you know the heat its not mother nature
“global warming” – africa hot in trenton new jersey
noun. the heating of the earth’s temperature as a result of abundant greenhouse gases from mankind. although global warming is the consensus of the world’s scientists, just like plate tectonics, evolution, or gravity, there are skeptics who tend to think other wise. even if you don’t think it exists, it is still no reason not to live a sustainable (or “green”, whatever) lifestyle. that’s what we call a win-win situation. however, the people that don’t think it exists are basically looking for a reason to justify their fear of getting rid of their material possessions they hold so dearly; be it a car, hamburger (large carbon footprint), air conditioner, etc.
the people against the conservation of our earth are the reasons global warming exists. don’t be another coward unwilling to make a change. do yourself, others, and the planet a favor by researching sustainable alternatives to lower your carbon emissions and contribute in the preservation of the world. caring about something other than yourself doesn’t make you a hippie, it makes you a human being.
increase in average temperature of earth since the mid twentieth century and it’s continuation. temperatures have been rising for a few decades now and if idiots continue to pretend it doesn’t exist then they’ll cause all of humanity to learn the hard way.

the reason global warming is an undesirable thing is primarily because it is melting the polar ice caps and raising sea levels. contrary to popular belief, humans cannot breathe under water, hence we cannot let temperatures rise enough to melt such an amount of ice that’ll end up flooding most of the land that we live on and force us to cram in to even less sp-ce than what we live in now. combine that with exploding population rates (set to triple from 1950-2050, oh joy.) and you have a recipe for disaster.

of course, anything that’s this logical is obviously denied by people. for example, in the us the majority of the republican party deny it’s existence; not because they actually believe in it not existing, but because its generally a rule of thumb for them to disagree with anything their opposition says.

another funny example could include britain, where the government raised car tax to encourage people to cycle, carpool, take the bus, etc. this was done to reduce emissions, primarily because 40% of all car rides were less than two miles long. but, as usual, this was met with huge backlashes because people would rather have future generations live in an obliterated world then pay a bit more money.
global warming sucks. too bad large parts of humanity are too r-t-rded to understand it. it’s funny, future generations will look back at us and wonder why we stood by and did nothing.
you know, if the scientists and climatologists, who are educated in the feild of global warming are saying that the world is getting hotter, then why debate with them. bush doesn’t give a d-mn about global warming because he sucks up to the oil companies. its not just a theory its a proven fact. it used to snow where i live now it doesn’t snow anymore.
f-cking conservatives don’t give a f-ck about global warming because if they did do something they would just be millionaires instead of multi-millionaires.
the earth as an ecosystem is changing, attributable in great part to
the effects of globalization and man. more carbon dioxide is now in
the atmosphere than has been in the past 650,000 years. this carbon
stays in the atmosphere, acts like a warm blanket, and holds in the
heat – hence the name ‘global warming.’

the reason we exist on this planet is because the earth naturally
traps just enough heat in the atmosphere to keep the temperature
within a very narrow range – this creates the conditions that give us
breathable air, clean water, and the weather we depend on to survive.
human beings have begun to tip that balance. we’ve overloaded the
atmosphere with heat-trapping g-sses from our cars and factories and
power plants. if we don’t start fixing the problem now, we’re in for
devastating changes to our environment. we will experience extreme
temperatures, rises in sea levels, and storms of unimaginable
destructive fury. recently, alarming events that are consistent with
scientific predictions about the effects of climate change have
become more and more commonplace.


global warming was not created by democrats to scare people. it is a proven fact. i’m republican and i believe that global warming has become a problem. currently (january 2007), it’s 70ºf in my town. normally, it’s about 20ºf around this time of year. it’s a probem whether you want to admit it or not. when england becomes flooded, venice goes underwater, various islands disappear, and florida burns to a crisp, you’ll realize how serious global warming is. unfortunately, by the time that happens (under 100 years), it will be too late to stop it. so act now and save our planet.
child: is there anything i can do to stop global warming and save my generation?
adult: you can visit and sign the pet-tion. also, write letters to the lawmakers in your town and in washington, dc. also has some at home things you can do!
a very real problem. all you idiots out there who won’t open your eyes and look past your own closed minded existence, all i can say is that when we’ve pumped so much co2 into the atmosphere that you roof caves in, and the flood waters lift your house off the foundations, maybe you’ll believe us. here are seven reasons to believe it’s real-
1) scientific data. you say we’re just experiencing the opposite of the ice age, its a natural cycle, scientists have looked at samples from global warming periods from the past, and the present is like that, only about 10 times worse.
2) george w. bush also told us that iraq had womd. we haven’t found those yet, have we?
3) we still have ice samples from the last period of global warming. people in the future looking back won’t have any from now, because the ice is melting to fast.
4) the oceans are rising at a rate we’ve never seen before, even in the fossil record.
5) some scientists admitted to having tampered with data showing evidence that global warming exists and is a real problem.
6) give me a better reason why the seasonal temperature changes have been more extreme than any other the earth has faced.
7) the antarctic shetland islands have green gr-ss growing on them, something we can tell from the fossil records hasn’t happened since antarctica settled in its present location.
george w. bush- stupid hippies, global warming doesn’t exist!
person- so why then is the globe warming at a dangerous rate?

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