glock dick

usually -ssisted by drinking or doing cocaine, the act of having s-x with a girl more than 30 times in one night
jack got glock d-ck and f-cked jill 78 times!

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  • well lit

    when your friend is extra lit. ex. so stoned you cant tell theyre awake, so drunk they cant speak. jeremy peed in my closet again last night, he was well lit.

  • hill hag

    an old rich lady at ski resort who prays on you ski dudes. that rich -ss hill hag just bought me dinner at the lodge and blew my at her husbands villa.

  • louiseanne

    an amazing and beautiful woman. kind, caring and always looking out for her friends. louiseannes make amazing friends and girlfriends and if you’re lucky to be with one then you should count yourself lucky to have found the perfect woman, inside and out. that guy is lucky, he has a louiseanne.

  • sire of the children

    the father or head of the house. usually enforces the rules upon children. “wow those kids are so respectful and kind!” “that is because the sire of the children makes them follow the rules.”

  • carter hance

    a weak -ss person who ain’t gonna do sh-t, the biggest f-ck boy on this earth who usually thinks he’s a tough -ss carter hance is the biggest f-ck boy ever that ain’t bout sh-t

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