a girl with “tricking” ways.

a female who acts as if she has no respect for herself, similar to a ho

a female who is plain and simple, easy.

two types of gloids, a good gloid, or a bad gloid, a good gloid is an attractive gloid but still holds those traits listed above. whereas a bad gloid is not attractive and still holds those negative characteristics listed above.
example 1:

person 1: bruhh i went to the club last night and all the gloids were on my d-ck.

person 2: were they good gloids or bad?

person 1: i like to switch up my game, i did a combination of both xd

person 2: … smh

example 2:

person 1: i got some play last night bro.

person 2: lets be honest was she a gloid?

person 1: idk is your sister a gloid?

person 2: …. tried.
an idiotic or imbecelic person. ie a moron.
i can’t beleive scott stays with that b-tch; he’s such a gloid.

possible root: mongoloid (offensive) a person affected with down syndrome.
this is short-hand for “mongoloid” as presented by the characters on the phil henried show
jessica simpson will no doubt give birth to a gloid
someone of below average intelligence, and or devoid of a clue about what they are doing at any given time.
‘look at that gloid over their having a fight with a hedge’
a fictional gland that resides within the -n-s of any chosen living creature.
(a) as if you really did? gloid! (b) this gloid cut me up on the a40 (c) you gloid! (d) chicken gloid, badger gloid, gloid of a budgie, budgie gloid etc.
severely wasted, destroyed, demolished, f-cked up, pilled out, blacked out.
noun, gloid.
adjective, gloided.
sally sue was a gloid last night. she ate 4 double-bars, drank 10 jager-bombs, got donkey-punched, lost her car keys, and urinated in the closet. d-mn!!! she was gloided.
a gloid is a person who has only one t-st-c-l
my gym teachers nuts hung out of his shorts and i saw that he was a gloid

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