no set definition. this word can be used to describe anything. so if you don’t know the word, just say glorphenhiemer
you’re such a glorphenhiemer!

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  • gingertainment

    the act of being entertained by a ginger. joe: did you see that new band perform last night? the singer had crazy red hair. mike: yeah. that was some quality gingertainment.

  • gnared

    1-to cut a piece off of something 2-to do something impressively, possibly much faster than something is usually done. d-mn i just shaved and i gnared off a piece of my chin. woah dude you gnared that piece of pizza h-lla fast.

  • gnark*ll o

    this is a kid who plays gamebattles and is top 1 in runescape ladder. got the 2009 trophy for runescape clan games gnarkill o plays runescape

  • gnfos

    a gay n-gg-r from outer sp-ce. “you know bob, that extraterrestrial african-american?” “yes i do.” “i heard he was a h-m-s-xual.” “bob’s a gnfos!?”

  • go down on

    to go down on a woman is to start her off with nice, long, p-ssionate kisses on the lips, and then down to her neck, and then down to her br–sts where you have your pleasure with them, and then you kiss your way across her tummy, and finally, you have ultimate pleasure with orally […]

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