Glory Pints

glory pints (gps) – a term used to indicate the consumption of ale when conditions are perfect to enjoy a few gl-sses of beer, larger or stout … often used in northern ireland around times of celebtation.
james – “hey dave, have you caught up with deano yet? he’s sitting over there by the bar…”

dave – “yea, i’ve just been chatting to him, he’s pretty wrecked! – and it’s not even 10pm yet!”

james – “well what do you expect dude! the guy has just booked another round the world trip! he’s had 7 glory pints already…”

dave – “are you sh-tt-ng me!? he never told me…! let’s go have a drink with him to celebrate!

james – “f-ckin – a!”

dave (to bartender) – “barkeep! 3 glory pints right away!”

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