glouster ohio

glouster is the armpit of ohio. it’s where the prettiest girls turn into drug addictive crack and heroin junkies, where the boys in high school who were “somebody” in high school because they could throw a football, now go to high school parties and talk about their “glory” days and hookup with 17 year old girls. if you wanted to have a good time just walk down the main street in glouster for the best drugs. glouster, home of the trimble tomcats who think they are the best of the best and “rutter tough.”
1. oh no, you’re from glouster ohio!?

2. “we’re from glouster ohio! we don’t take sh-t and we’re rutter tough buddy!”

4. glouster ohio; where the prettiest high school girls turn into the best crack wh-r-s.

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