(1)noun: something not necessarily gnarled but rather so intensely awesome that it becomes a connotation of someone gnarly.
(2)interjection: an exclamation showing great emotion, not specifying any particular meaning.
(3)noun: a surprisingly awesome kill in the video game resistance: fall of man
(4)verb: execute a surprisingly awesome kill in the video game resistance: fall of man
(1)”wow that double back-flip was gnarkill!!!”
(2)”dude! i just larked you from like across the map!!! flipin’ gnarkill!!!”
(3)”i wish the game said gnarkill every time i killed you.”
(4)”ima gnarkill you…”
n. a fictional band from the movie “haggard” portrayed by the actual band “cky” and brandon dicamillo on vocals.
band, funny, cky
1.) an aweome band with bam margera, brandon dicamello, and jess margera.

2.)when you are having s-x with someone, right before you have an -rg-sm, you picture someone else in your head.
1.) dude we gotta buy some gnar kill cds at the mall today.
2.) i was havin s-x with her and it was total gnar kill.
a band that consists of brandon dicillamo vocals. bam margera synthsizers, and jess margera drums
they make some crazy music and i recomend listening to it
man did u hear gnar-kill’s newest song arab dance party?
(1) something so gnarly it becomes a connotation of marvin or mitch.
(2) a form of ownage in the ps3 game, resistance: fall of man.
woohoo, that was narkill. ibc cream soda is gnarkill

adj. utterly kick–ss, so amazingly awesome you can barely speak coherently. a joining of “gnarly” and “killer”
“that guy just ran across the freeway naked and on fire! gnar-kill!!!!!”
coming from the term gnarly meaning awesome, great or rad. gnar kill is something or someone who ruins something gnarly.
“this rain is a gnar kill.”

“jordan is such a gnar kill, he can’t keep up.”

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