when something is so gnarly it leaves you in a state of shock
it was so gnarlific that i nearly died

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  • gnarpill

    a hypothetical term and product used for getting gnarly, mainly used in the sense of skateboarding. “i can’t land this trick, if only i had a gnarpill to take, i could really nail it.”

  • gnig gnome

    a gnome of gnegroid descent. that gnappy headed gnig gnome stole my gnissan!

  • go a hug

    something that can’t be found on,, or any other search engine. i couldn’t find it because it was a “go a hug.”

  • god dommit!

    top definition g-d dommit! one’s way to say ”g-d d-mnit.” usually said by elderly. kids: ”lets play catch” grandpa: ”not on the lawn g-d dommit!” by angrygrandpa! june 15, 2009 4 2 shop 7

  • god dropping

    just like name dropping, but adding a christian/religious terminology into normal conversation. thanks for the birthday wishes, i was blessed to see so many family and friends – that is g-d dropping i can’t change the way i am, g-d made me this way – that is g-d dropping

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