a method to in which one shows affection or hunger by ‘eating’ another person, animals or various inanimate objects. it’s often a compliment….or a very hungry person looking for a quick snack. probably out of you.

it’s often a symbol of friendship or lurve. unless the person has pointy teeth..then it’s quite painful.

people have been known to respond to gnaws with : chew, nibble, counter-gnaw, various yells, and death glares.

it’s also a wonderful way to greet a person, as shown below. (screennames have been changed so there :p ) taken from real conversations.
auto: -gnaaaaw-
moony: -cheeew-

moony: -gnaw-
h-ll: -huggles-
moony: ^-^ i feel lurved
h-ll: ^^ you are

b-chan: -gnaw-
n-chan: ah!! no teeth!
b-chan: -blink, blink- …rawr?
n-chan: … -smacks you with pillow-
b-chan: …;.;
n-chan: ^_^
1. gnaw is w-ng backwards.

2.gnaw is a way to say that was completly useless.

3.gnaw is a way to express not wanting to do something

4.gnaw is a form of acknoledgement.

2.”hey i like cheese””tch, ur gnaw”

3″ honey go clean up the garage. please” “gnaw! im too tired, i will do it tommorow.”

4.” hey man you want to go to the halo tournament?” ” gnaw!. why wouldn’t i”
can be used in any word!
i totally just gnawt myself!
another way of expressing that you don’t want to do something.
instead of no, you say gnaw: –

“do you want to go for a drink?” “gnaw, not tonight”
1. plug of chewing tobacco, chew, dip, &
dude, gimme a gnaw.
she wanted to french, but i had a gnaw.
w-ng backwards… w-ngnaw ang gnaw
. w-ng……… gnaw. i hate having to do these

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