1. a measurement unit. approximately 6 feet and 4 inches.

2. someone who’s tall and slim, and calls himself a “lampadair”.
look at him, he’s really tall.
yeah, he’s almost one goby long!
1. a measurement unit. since july 5th 2006, the goby officially worth 6′ 5 1/2″.

2. someone who’s tall and slim, and calls himself a “lampadair”.
look at him, he’s really tall.
yeah, but he’s far from being one goby long!
a team of individuals with a common objective of obtaining something great. something that has eluded them in the previous year, but is possible with enough dedication.
who are those guys? oh wait, they’re gobies! they don’t stop for anything, or anyone.
the most disgusting fish in the world, known for foaming at the mouth when caught. invasive species in lake michigan.
“i tried going fishing for perch last weekend but all i caught was a stupid goby.”
an example to follow when performing a task, completing a form.
there is a go-by in the folder that shows how to fill out the shipping label.

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