a single word that can be used to show how frustrated you are with karl. it’s a far better alternative to using multiple words.
karl: hey guys! i came to share some puns and other terrible things that you’ll never un-see or un-hear!
you: goddammitkarl we talked about this.

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  • benzo nap

    a deep sleep induced by taking lots of drugs, specifically benzodiazepines. man, charlie took so many benzos at the party last weekend he had the longest benzo nap.

  • maww

    this is an acronym for middle aged white women. it’s the demographic of every annoying, gossipy computer illiterate person in your office. this maww just asked me how to copy and paste a header in excel.

  • fudge cutter

    an expression for a h-m-s-xual man, referencing the act of -n-l intercourse. that guy zach who works at the candy shop seems a little flamboyant. he acts a lot like that fudge cutter freddie mercury.

  • millenial handshake

    when two or more individuals are too occupuied by their mobile devices that they run into each other and continue on without so much as a word. he walked away from a millenial handshake angered by his break in concentration

  • mr muscles

    mr muscles is the strongest most ripped man alive he is also really nice and gets all of the girls girl:mr muscles is so s-xy boy: i wish i was as ripped as mr muscles

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