slang for the tip of a ducks p-n-s
“do not eat goget it is disgusting”

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  • mellow feet

    when two people of any gender have some fun with there feet but afterwards ur suddenly mellow “my 95 year old dads grandmothers pet cow caught me mellow feeting with my friends – so said moooooove outta the way so i can have some

  • sanghyun

    a very smart and generous person. but beware as he can also be a d-ck. what a sanghyun man.

  • blancoat

    a clothing article that is a combination of a blanket and coat. norman, it’s very cold outside! don’t forget to wear your blancoat.

  • demonde

    demonde is a player. his name is know for a f-cking f-ck boy. he often has many hoes in his phone and dates 4 girls and once. that boy looks sleazy, his name must be demonde.

  • tater tatz

    a little girl who does not keep still d-mn tater tatz is crazy

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