the ultimate form of rejection, especially when giving power is involved.
you got goglay’ed b–tch

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  • knob reno

    1.a person who goes through life p-ssing everyone off 2.they have no idea of their negative impact on the world 3.continually surprised at everybodies anger towards them grant bennett

  • knulltuva

    literally: f-ck-tufts (swedish, noun). hairb-lls from f-cking i just about tore my scalp off from combing out the knulltuva after my weekend away.

  • goin' all Kate

    when a wife or girlfriend gets bossy or demanding for an immediate response. i was in the middle of watching the game and my wife wanted me to take out the trash. i told her i would do it during the next commercial and she started goin’ all kate on me.

  • krakauer

    q: would you rope up with jon krakauer? a: only if he leads so he can’t stab me in the back. definition: backstabber, hatchet job in media did you see that dude get krakauered on the news last night? man, what a hachet job! see above definition; also newly divorced bull-dyk-. her b-tch finally grew […]

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    a derogatory term used by internet trolls that is basically h-m-phobic, senseless nonsense. popularised by ray william johnson. ray: guys you know i love you but i’d appreciate it if you didn’t refer to me as “gayh-m-f-g” the combination of gay, h-m-, and f-g. gayh-m-f-gs are the highest echelon of h-m-s-xuals. person 1: hey was […]

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