get off his d-ck
bro 1: yo! where is doug?
bro 2: bro gohd.

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  • hot glue gun

    when you are having s-x with a girl without protection and you pull out too late and create a long thin piece of c-m that resembles a hot glue gun. i was scr-w-ng her so hard i forgot to pull out in time and gave her a hot glue gun. p-n-s. the word stemmed from […]

  • small sleeve

    to wear a small sleeve you get a long sleeved shirt and roll it up just past your elbow person #1: hey i can see you’re wearing a small sleeve. person #2 yeah i am it’s pretty great.

  • masterbeef

    to lift weights in the gym by yourself dude this sucks i don’t have a lifting partner, i always have to masterbeef.

  • raw egg whites

    v-g-n-l discharge, love slime, cooch slobber, tw-t snot wow, you’re ready alright. there’s like three raw egg whites here.

  • weed grandma

    your grandma that doesn’t tell your parents that you smoke and is also your dealer jim: hey i’m outa weed tom: let me call my weed grandma

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