going caveman

the act of becoming extremely unmotivated in your appearance after smoking lots of weed. this usually includes but is not limited to growing your hair out long and having a full beard.
jimmy: “d-mn bro why you look like that”

hernandez: “man i’ve been smoking so much i’ve just been going caveman”

jimmy: ” -__- cut your f-cking hair”

knocking someone out with a blunt object then having your way with them.
jim: i read about that guy on the news…
bob: what guy?
jim: the guy who decided going caveman on prost-tutes was a good idea if he dumped them in an alley way.
bob: oh. that guy. me too.
the act of not wiping your -ss after you get done taking a sh-t.
“sh-t there’s no toilet paper. looks like i’m going caveman.”

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