goke=good + joke = good joke
is a sarcastic term used as an adjective to describe a joke that isn’t funny ( see. shoke for a funny joke). a goker is a person who regularly tells non funny jokes.

the pre-fix of g can be commonly used in front of everday words to describe things which are bad. ie. goor = good door which is actually a bad door which is poorly made.
gareth: why did the chicken cross the road?
william: why?
gareth: to get to the other side!
william: goke
a mentally retarted, young african who has an obsession for girls named kiley, and pees on his flashcards.
dude, look at that goke, and my god his flashcards are yellow.
a geek joke.
(eg. “there’s no place like”)

originaly was a typo but was covered up with the definition “a geek joke”
rob: pc-cillin is good hey.
mark: pc cillin is about as good as vet.
rob: relax, it’s just a goke
mark: a goke?
rob: yeah, a geek joke.
more than one goke.
a person that is generally gokey and commits a lot of gokery.

gokey gokey gokey.
carlene, “what a bunch of gokes.”
kayla, “viva gokes! not.”
carlene, “what the goke?”
a modern-day joke. the concept of a “goke” was invented by kyleiskool in 2006. after being spread and put into common usage by itotallyrock and pilotsofthewest, it was officially declared a replacement for jokes in 2008. using the word “joke” and referring to anything as a joke is now illegal.
“did you hear the goke about the two jews and the bar?”
1. word used as a replacement for any and all racial slurs.
2. name for any person you mean to racially attack but without the whole “i can’t believe you just said that” after-effect.
somebody shut that stupid goke up, i’m watching the game.

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