gold farming

the practice of making video game currency and then selling it to other players for real life money. many of these players who engage in this are from countries such as china, south korea, and vietnam.
gold farming sucks, no i don’t want to buy your 1000 gold for $12.95.
performing repet-tive tasks in a mmorpg to get ingame money. this is the main activity for many mmorpg players, some of them sells this gold for real money for other players.
i spent all of the last week goldfarming on wow, and now i can buy that uberpwner epix sword.
using the bathroom at your place of employment while on the clock, especially for a particularly lengthy bowell movement. term derived from gaming culture wherein users would perform repet-tive, easy tasks to earn in-game currency.
“i’ve got 30 minutes to kill before i leave for the day. if you need me, i’ll be gold farming.”
cheating the game to create excessive wealth. can be accomplished on any mmo.

carried out by creating many accounts to earn as much gold as possible among
guy 1: hey want to play wow tonite?
guy 2: no, i’m gold farming on runescape!

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