1. a term that describes a man who acts like a b-tch
2. thads gay friend
3. a guy who acts like a p-ssy
thad quit goldyloxin it, this aint the girlscouts.

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  • gonaherpacyphillaids

    what you catch when you sleep with some nasty crack wh-r- with a wide-on “yo i slept with that crack wh-r- last night to stop from getting blue b-lls b-tch gave me gonaherpacyphillaids now my d-cks got the dripp” “i bet you wish you still had blue b-lls”

  • gondry

    -to be overly creative -have godly creative skills -to have a high scence of being avant garde this painting is totally gondry i totally pulled a gondry today in art cl-ss

  • gonge

    weed; another term for marijuana “hey man let’s go and smoke some gonge.”

  • gooberbob

    noun: a word for an erection that hangs out at an odd angle; verb: when a p-n-s bounces when its owner walks, jogs, runs ect. “he has a gooberbob” “his p-n-s is gooberbobing”

  • goochando

    gooch in spanish, to chill, hang out with someone or a group of people, or even by yourself. facebook status: “bout to go goochando with the girls” “goochando” phone convo: jack: “what you doing brah?” nick: “nothin just got in from becky’s…tired.” jack: “f-ck that, we bout to goochando with her cousin!” nick: “bet! give […]

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