goliath syndrome

a guy that thinks being well over 6 feet makes him invincible and invulnerable. like napoleon syndrome, not all guys over 6 foot 4 have goliath syndrome. the man from the guinness book of records most likely did not have goliath’s syndrome despite being nearly 9 feet tall. this could have been what they say about giants not having long life spans. mostly a guy over 6 feet that likes to pick on people who are under 6 feet, but wouldn’t pick on somebody over 6’4, 6’6, this is goliath’s syndrome at work.
that albino kid silas has bad goliath syndrome man. somebody at this school is gonna decapitate that freak if he doesn’t quit putting them in wall lockers, he never fights with the football players, basketball team or the teachers always just the kids he think can’t stand up to him.

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