a male between the ages of 17 and 29 who is a sports fan, collared shirt wearer, and most likely a college student that is prominent in a fraternity. statistics indicate that nearly 85% of these people are named chad.
i went to a football game last week, and couldn’t find a seat on account of all the gomes there.

hey dude, wanna play some gomeball later?

kappa gome theta threw the craziest party last night!
a person or situation that is whack or “chaunce.” there are three levels of ghome, a word which originates in the pacific nw in tacoma, wa. level 1: unintentional and somewhat ghome. level 2: either an intentional yet low-strength ghome or an unintentional, severe ghome. level 3: an intentional, super-ghome, also known as a “ghome out” when a friend does something particularly ghome to another friend, friend b has been “ghomed out”.
robski, a 46-year old man who lives in his parents backyard, dealing meth and fixing bikes in the broken hoe, a shack the tacoma police have identified as unfit for a human residence. robski personifies the word ghome.
gomes is a portuguese surname. it is derived from the visigothic word guma meaning “man”. in the english language, the pr-nunciation rhymes with homes.
gomez is spanish, gomes is portuguese!
a derogatory word for someone regarded as dim-witted or unintelligent.
that guy is some gome!
pulling a gomes is not doing what you planned on doing, sleeping all day, leaving you on seen, saying you will be there but you cancel last minute, saying you can’t go out and then you see him an hour later. pulling a gomes can also be doing your college thesis at the last minute, getting lazy to pay for your senior trip, or even drinking free water cups at panera without buying anything.
the list goes on and on
daniel: hey gabe, wanna come to the park?
gabe: yea sure, ill be there in 10 minutes.
-1 hour later-
daniel: did you just pull a gomes on me?
said as self-congratulation, either to oneself or to draw others’ attention to an accomplishment. is usually harmless or joking, but can be obnoxious if done too much.
“i answered every question right. go me!”
“i knew this would be the quickest way to get there — go me!”
a phrase used to entice another person in order to fight them, usually is used as a joke and not an intensional fighting line.
bob: hey how are you?
jim: you dont even smoke!
bob: go me!

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