good open minded person

an attention-craving individual that — in an issue or debate — takes whatever side makes him or her look good & open-minded to the public, without regard to the details or the truth in the issue debated. a gomp is different from an sjw because the issue does not have to be social.

to make a public statement on an issue without really understanding the details or the truth of the issue, just to show off to the world how good & open-minded one is.
(noun) “justin was just being a gomp when he tweeted his support for adopting dogs from shelters, especially since he bought his dog from a pet store.”

(verb) “fred gomped his support for the invisible children all over social media.”
to suddenly hang up on someone during a phone call.
i called tom sharpling’s radio program, but got gomped mid call.
(adj) used to describe something that appeals to the senses; means the same thing as legit or cool.
dude, that idea is freaking gomps.
to act like an idiot, -sshole, jerk, etc. gomping equivelant to “b-tching”
today at work sally was acting like a gomp so i told her to shut her face. i wish people would just stop their gomping!
an acronym meaning “get off my phone” used by tech support sl-ts around the world.
“dude i so just hung up on that lady for being dumb…..gomp!!!”
any mentally r-t-rded person.
usually the word implies the r-t-rded person is profoundly r-t-rded and leaking fluids such as spittle, has cake between their fingers, spaghetti sauce on their face, c-cked eyes, and a very loud voice.
that f-cking gomp crushed my kitten’s head with his superhuman strength.
an open hand slap to a male’s t-st-cl-s, usually, but not always with a squeeze.
after maggie gomped mike at the party, he spent the rest of the night walking funny.

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