gonooda – when you’re getting b-mmed and want it deeper
f-ck, gonooda.

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    the act of searching for sick, perverted or otherwise s-xual related terms your friends use but you don’t know what they are on the internet. often accompanied with the pr-noun “it” my friends shannon and howie were laughing at the term rusty trombone so i figured i would splewgle it to find out what it […]

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    – the 🍁 symbol is a slang symbol for weed or marijuana . – 🍁 = weed -ayyye wanna go smoke some 🍁 with me after school. -dont forget the 🍁 contrary to belief, this icon does not represent marijuana or weed. in fact, this is a maple leaf. it is most commonly used in […]

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    to roll a joint and smoke it hey tom are you squarning??

  • samaloh

    samaloh’s are smart and feisty girls. though they don’t show it, they are very kinky on the inside. they will hurt you if you get on their badside person: man, have you met samaloh person 2: no, why? person: she’s one feisty girl c;

  • your game is strong

    it means your personality and getup is strong to attract the opposite s-x your game is strong my friend. ryans got the best game in the party tonight .

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