n. informal
1. a food consisting of: 1 pack of cheap instant chicken flavoured noodles, 1 pouch of carbonara sauce, 250g of cheese and a garnish of ketchup (preferably expensive ketchup). it is a off white coloured substance with an odd dash of red, with the viscosity and texture of cement. its traditions remain largely unknown, however, it is usually consumed whenst hungover. its consumptionis commonly accompanied with disproval by the surrounding people as it is truly disgusting and subhuman. however some would argue it is in fact delicious.
“oh look cathy, a have a big plate of goo to help you get over your hangover!” exclaimed declan.
“excuse me while i go vomit, i can’t believe i nearly ate goo” cried cathy.
“your both really weird” stated zeebee.
used to describe a suprised disgust at something or a situation. originated from the movie billy madison by adam sandler. can be used anywhere in a sentance or simply by istself.
“hey ernie what’s the matter man, i…(see’s something grotesque) goo!!!”

“goo! what the h-ll is that?”
1. a liquid substance with the same qualities as honey or paint.
2. bodily emissions.
3. short term for “ghoul” from warcraft iii
1. what is this goo?
2. then he got goo all over his pants.
3. make da goo chop the wood, noob!
the stuff that comes out of women when they come.
i had goo all over my undies when i saw him.
an articulation of intense joy, affection, happiness, surprise, or jubilation. often accompanied by or inspired by physical platonic affection. (often -ssociated to predominantly feminine language)
x: awwww, that was so f-cking sweet, come here and give me some love.

y and x hug (in unison): gooooooooo!!!!!!

x: surprise! happy birthday!!!

y: goooo! awww, guys, you didn’t!!!

y blushes and smiles the biggest smile of all time
y: goooooooooooooooooo
a compulsive craving for drink
come on to the pub for f-ck’s sake, i have an awful goo on me
adj. positive, but with novelty value; intellectually positive but amusingly so.
eternal sunshine is a very goos movie.
to goo: the verb form of goo; to feel in love; to be used in place of “turning to goo;” that happy warm-fuzzy-dizzy feeling one gets when it is love at first sight; the ecstatic and thrilling feeling you feel when you are instantly crushing

synonym: melt crazy flippy fuzzy fly

verb forms: gooed; gooing
she took one look at the handsome man and couldn’t help gooing.

every time he looked at her he absolutely gooed.

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