good for you

a phrase said when one honestly don’t care enough to listen, so they just pretend they actually just heard what was just said to them.
friend: so, i went to the mall this weekend, and i bought, like, a fab new skirt, and, then, i realized, like, omg, i already had the same fab skirt! -giggles at stupidity of what was just said-
me: -rolls eyes- good for you.
when saying good for you to someone, the real meaning behind your words are “go f-ck yourself!”
the teacher was telling me about his unimportant weekend events, i said “good for you” because i hated him.
a rude remark made by someone, when in conversation, really don’t care about the current topic.
hey! i made 500 combos on ddr!
good for you.
it is a nice way of saying “i don’t give a f-ck”.
person 1 – i got a special edition xbox 360 and the first gta4 to come out in america.

aj – good for you.
you say this when your happy for the person your saying it to. you feel they deserve whatever good thing is happening to them, you mean well but feel detached and careless about it anyway.
a co-worker you do not really hang out with just told you that he/she got promoted, so you say: good for you!
an acronym for ‘go f-ck yourself’.
-“i just got the promotion that you were hoping for!”
-“good for you!”
good for you: sometimes a person can feel a little tired of listening to other peoples “stuff” and in conversation this fatigue sometimes resurfaces.

…oh and everybody has these moments sometimes. depending on the “intonation” of how you say it, may it influence the conversation.
“uhhuh..uhuh..bless her heart..uhhuh..good for you… nice..really? good for you..etc.”

“really, a new girlfriend?! good for you!”

“really, a new boyfriend?! good-for-you.”

“really, all is going well?! perfect! good……. for……. you!”
what little prissy boys say when they have no good comebacks or they know that they lost the argument
john: adam your mom’s a wh-r-
adam: stfu no she’s not
john: here are the pictures, videos and her signed prost-tution contract to prove it.
adam:……good for you

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