goofy foot

a term in video games for leading with the right thumb, as opposed to the more common way (left thumb on the d-pad).
i play tetris goofy foot, because i can move the pieces faster with my right thumb dominating the d-pad.
a term in skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding for riding with your right foot forward, as opposed to the more common way (left foot forward).
dude, that kid’s riding goofy foot
yea, cuz he’s a bad-ss
the most mother f-cking bad-ss way of skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfboarding.
tony hawk f-cking skates goofy foot.
its a form of skateboarding or snowboarding in the way you position your feet
i skate goofy-footed
riding a board — generally, a surfboard or skateboard — with your left (rather than right) foot forward. generally preferred by left-handed individuals, but occasionally by righties as well.
he rides goofy foot, so if you’re on the sh-r-, you’ll see his back when he kicks right on the wave.

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