goofy goober

someone who is a complete sp-cktard
look at these goofy goobers
anyone and everyone, we’re all goofy goobers. you may think you’re all sophisticated and cool and have nothing to do with “goofy gooberness” but on the inside you’re a kid and one of the many goofy goobers around the world. join your fellow goofy goobers and rock!
i’m a goofy goober (rock!)
you’re a goofy goober (rock!)
we’re all goofy goobers (rock!)
goofy goofy, goober goober (rock!)

put your toys away
well, all i gotta say
when you tell me not to play, i say “no way!”
no no no no no way
“i’m a kid”, you say
when you say i’m a kid,
i say “say it again!” and then i say “thanks”
“thank you very much”
so, if you’re thinking that you’d like to be like me
go ahead and try, the kid inside will set you free


-“goofy goober rock”
means to be the coolest kid on the block.

from spongebob. a place where they go to chillax and sip down some lothy bevvies.
yo, that kid is totally a goofy goober, look at his kicks!
someone who is an absolute complete nutter. also easily affected by ice cream and nursery rhymes (affected meaning acting like your on drugs!!!) anyway your literally a well weird peanut!
if anyone has seen the spongebob movie you’ll know what im talking about, if not here’s a song a goofy goober would sing:
” i’m a goofy goober yeah,
you’re a goofy goober yeah,
we’re all goofy goobers yeah,
goofy goofy goofy goofy goofy goofy goobers yeah!!!!!
a silly quirky person…usually used to describe a little kid
you’re such a goofy goober
i’m a goofy goober, yeah
you’re a goofy goober, yeah
we’re all goofy goobers, yeah
goofy, goofy, goofy, goober, yeah
i’m a goofy goober
a person who is goofy.and eats monsters!
dang look at her! she a goofy goober!
a goofy goober is someone who is a bl–dy mentalist… but without the pro finesse of a proper one. usually someone confused who is still socially active, contributes occasionally and often says stupid sh-t: thats a goofy goober
colon:hey man, my cup is empty
phil: man colon, you’re such a goofy goober

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