Google Brain

to have a google brain (negative connotation):

when you no longer commit things to memory, and rely, instead, on google for everything.
i can’t remember how to do that. i have google brain.

sorry, my memory is cr-p. i have google brain.
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a person who is really smart, and everyone asks them for help with things they don’t understand. the person has extensive knowledge of many different subjects.
guy 1: “i think i put the right answer for #3 on that test”

guy 2: “well i put a.”

guy 1: “i put b. wish i knew if that was right.”

guy 2: “lets go ask mike, he has a google brain.”
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a person who seems capable of answering any question
i needed the t-tle of a book, so i asked my favorite googlebrain about it by topic and abstract
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