the thing/object/person with the most gook; gook being like snot or snooty
she was the gookiest girl i know

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  • gouging out my eyes

    slang for masturbation scarlett johansson is so hot i spent all of yesterday gouging out my eyes.

  • govedo

    1. and only definition: supporter of fc levski 1914, which means lousy, pathetic, r-t-rded sc-mbag, used to be a total loser at all times. goveda sini, vie pak ste vtori, a nie – 4erven-beli shampioni!!! samo cska!!! translation:”blue rinds, you`ve lost again, and we are red-white champions!!!”

  • go with someone

    to kiss somebody using tongues ‘i bet you won’t go with her!’

  • shit-spooked

    to be verbally disturbed i got my sh-t-spooked when my friend told me that hel iked to f-ck his girlfriend during her period

  • Gravitational Invite

    a invite so powerfull it invites everything around it john: you should come to my party josh, you should come to marry josh: (after john left) ha! you got caught in my invite’s gravity field. marry: gravitational invite’s the bomb!

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