the puddle on the bar into which the barman puts your change.

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  • group fart

    the act of recruiting 2 or more friends or family members to join you in farting, simultaneously, on an unsuspecting victim. jonas was quietly enjoying his sushi when suddenly he saw his mum running backwards out of the kitchen, as if by lightening his dad and sister also popped up from behind the couch. it […]

  • go on the p*ss

    uk expression meaning going out to get drunk. purposely drinking enough to get drunk it’s sat-rday. i think i will go on the p-ss tonight.

  • grapasm

    the feeling in your mouth when you bite into a crisp grape and the juices explode leaving you amazingly refreshed. i got home from the market with all different grapes. i had several grapasms while testing each kind.

  • graphic vacation

    1. the time you spend window shopping via the internet when there are other things you should be doing instead (ie: working) 2. a san diego, ca based graphic design house specializing in art for t-shirts. also referred to as gv occasionally. “are you on a graphic vacation? you should be working.”

  • grave box

    mortuary box, funeral box other discoveries include the grave box of caiphas the high priest

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