a less than bright person.
he crashed straight in to the back of my car! what a goonk!
simple goonk can mean any thing but is mostly subed by the work trick this word was made by maurice of miami carl city
i aint got time for no ganes these fools tryin’ to goonk me
noun: a large fictional lizard that stands on two legs. it stands at about 8ft tall and is as smart as a human. they are also stronger and faster then most humans. goonks prefer to hang out in warm climates such as jamaica, australia, etc. and eat coconuts.
the goonks are coming, the goonks are coming! cried out little sammy on his tent on the beach.
the sound a computer makes to alert a critical stop or can not continue with your required task.
the computer makes a goonk sound as h-t the b-tton too many times

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