a dumb monster = insult
a big silly furry guy = compliment
omg what a goosemonster — he needs to liek learn spanish.>:(


what a goosemonsterr! he got me this cute teddybear! 🙂

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  • goo tap

    in reference to male genitlia p-n-s man, i can’t wait for tonight. billy’s going to let me drink straight from his goo tap a w-ng. a p-n-s. you know, the ‘hot beef’ in “hot beef injection.” tap mine wenis for its plentiful goo.

  • gorilla gourd

    fat yellow eyed, square headed gorillas. used by hitler in world war two, too capture the jewish relatives of his own distorted cousins. skulls used to drink in the river of naples. “dude! i found a gorilla gourd” “we can go shoot him and drink from his skull!”

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    man dont be stinging with me man. no no !!!!!! i seen u stinging with my girl break yr feezing nezzzzzzzz stick yr leg up yr -ssss..

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    a non-jewish person who maintains jews are tight with money, while being a f-ck-ng skinflint themselves! (especially with their friends!!!!!) -some goyjews make real jews look like philanthropists!!! that f-ck-ng dude and his mouth!…. hes’ nothin’ but a f-ck-d-mn goyjew!!!

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