n. a low-ranking employee who is made to do the bidding of their superiors. so-called because they are often running around doing various small tasks.
i have no job security. i’m just a gopher!
noun. someone in a low-rank position. usually used for low rank tasks. so called because of its sound-a-like to “go-for”, as in to go for something, such as to go for coffee.

they basically are the peasants of the corporate ladder and do whatever the f-ck their bosses say.
everyone know that mike is the gopher here, we even use him as a foot stool sometimes.
a system that pre-dates the world wide web for organizing and displaying files on internet servers. a gopher server presents its contents as a hierarchically structured list of files. with the ascendance of the web, many gopher databases were converted to web sites which can be more easily accessed via web search engines.
gopher was developed at the university of minnesota and named after the school’s mascot. two systems, veronica and jughead, let you search global indices of resources stored in gopher systems.
before search engines i’would look for p-rn on a gopher.
1) n. small cute ground-dwelling rodent often used as a target by young folk possessed of small-bore rifles and a sense of ent-tlement.

2) n. any person who is the target of the wrath, animosity etc. of a superior, teacher etc.

i am not going into the sales meeting unless an intern shows up. i do not want to be the gopher.

word that.
anyone who attends the university of minnesota (twin cities campus) or a supporter of aforementioned university.
go gophers! hey yo!
grade a douche bag.
ryan scott is a gopher.
the person who is deemed the “gopher” gets stuck with going to pick up and/or bring back goods for everybody else when everbody is chillin and n-body wants to go anywhere.
freind: ay yo pj! you’re the gopher!

pj: aww sh-t man! why do i have to be the gopher!

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