mindless lemming of the grand old party; a blind follower of the republican party. an adherent of the “my party, right or wrong” philosophy. a conservative tool. a republican fool.
the hand-picked crowd of goppers lobbed softball questions to their fearless leader.
male gopper tends to be lanky, walks with head bent down and slightly to one side. usually holds mouth open involutarily, saliva commonly found at sides of the mouth.
male tends to remain a virgin unless he has access to money.
female gopper, not known for social graces. tends to be sensitive and goes cross eyed when upset.
both s-xes appear to suffer some kind of speech affliction.
both s-xes become hysterical when asked a difficult question.
famous goppers include; gordon brown, jonathan ross, gordon ramsey, jade goody, tracy emin and carol thatcher.
an ugly girl from the north east of england
eeeee – she’s a proper gopper that one
the sort of bird that you get matched with on dating sites. never mind that you’re a thirtysomething singleton who’s still got their ex from 6 years ago on a pedestal, with the beginnings of male pattern baldness and a teeth that haven’t been whitened, honest!

a gopper tends to that girl that you went with when you were 17 because you knew she would put out on the way home from burger king.. not generally known for their looks or litheness, their elegance, or decent binocular vision. a gopper is considered as undesireable by your initial, superficial inbox-based reckonings, but if truth be known, a little mouth-breathing and obsessing over unicorn paraphernalia is offset by the ease with which you find your fingers entering her foaming, slightly sweaty smelling v-g-n- in the corner of the cinema car park.. you dirty boy.
lad 1: what about her?
lad 2: oh mate, she’s a gopper!
british money, due to its colour

how much gopper you got on you?
young lady who will wear a pearl necklace for all comers
she lay back and squeezed her enormous mammaries, while i gave her a pearl necklace
a bopper that thinks they’re goth. or a goth that hangs out with boppers.
she think’s shes so goth but she’s a gopper because she likes emily strange.

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