adjective meaning a combination of gorgeous, cute, and beautiful.
check out that hottie, he’s uber gorcuteaful.

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  • Quimaculate

    the result of detailed attention or keyhole topiary to the lady garden or landing strip. my bush is quimaculate since i bought those new black & decker electric shears!

  • Squint Nigger

    an asian of any far-eastern ilk. one who has squinty eyes. ‘the squint-n-gg-rs were milling around after they dropped the big one on hiroshima.’

  • Squirting Penoch

    the act of a smelly p-ssy -j-c-l-t-ng during climax your sister’s squirting penoch ruined my sheets.

  • Quimage

    a lady or group of ladies refering to the victorian word often used a to describe female genitalia. steady: i say shorty, there is some marvelous quimage on offer this evening. shorty: i agree steady, look at the t-ts on that one!

  • quimale

    a man with a p-ssy instead of a d-ck “so, her new boyfriend was totally hot, but then it turned out he was a quimale. they had to get a strap-on!” “which one of them used it?”

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