gorrillas ‘r’ us

gorrilla mercenary group for hire. they are ruthless maniacs who sole purpose is to seek out and destroy any person, place or thing when hired and paid to do so. they are known for their war gorrillas strike force. once dispatched they will not stop until all picked person(s), place(s), and/or thing(s) have been utterly distroyed.their slogan is, “you pick’em we git’em. it doesn’t matter the count!” and if you prank them they’ll pick you instead!
guy1: don’t prank call gorrillas ‘r’ us! once they dispatch their war gorrillas there’s no going back!

guy 2: because why?

guy 1: because, once someone thought it would be a great idea to prank call them. it goes without saying, that person is no longer around.

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