another name for a g-y male who regularly gender bends
wow, that guy was such a gotsu!

Read Also:

  • shaolun

    a high pitched laugh, almost inhuman, sounds like a seal, except 4 octaves higher. dude #1: what the f-ck was that?! dude #2: probs just shaolun again…

  • snakes t*ts

    “snakes t-ts” refers to a phrase used when expressing great appreciation for something. very much close to a unicorn, or bigfoot. fictional and should be used with caution. “last night was absulutally snakes t-ts. i really had a good time.”

  • grubsawf

    to have a bird p–p on one man’s head during an act of s-x. “once i tried doing -n-l somewhere in nyc, when all of the sudden, some pigeon flew through our window and grubsawfed me right before it could fly away!”

  • j*zzle diddlin

    playing with himself i caught orlando j-zzle diddlin

  • laptop landmine

    when you -j-c-l-t- inside of a laptop, leaving a surprise for the owner. gil: i nut in sarah’s laptop. conner: you laptop landmine’d her!

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