a s-xual practice involving the insertion of human excrement into the -n-l cavity of another person
edwin goulashed mary all night long

“good grief marjory, that’s some fine goulash”

“didn’t you hear we’re not speaking? she wanted to perform goulash on me!”
a random mixture of miscellaneous food together, usually at school lunches.
i love to mix my school food together to make goulash
inserting one person’s excrement in another person’s -n-s (p–per).
i heard mike’s mum does a mean goulash.

i read somewhere cindy hope does a fantastic goulash.

brian stimpson loves to goulash.
a hearty stew, which contains chunks of veal (though other kinds of meat can also be used, veal is prefered), and cut vegetables.
good goulash is seasoned with a good amount of paprika, and tastes quite spicy.

personally, i recommend eating it with either rice or fries.
“i think i’ll have the goulash… what about you?”
1. nonsense 2. bull cr-p/bull sh*t 3. a lie
“this is the biggest goulash i have ever heard!”

while playing modern warfare – “that’s goulash!”
one of the best homemade funeral dish/quickest meal possible.

made with elbow macaroni, ground meat (browned with onion),whole tomatoes/diced tomatoes and a lot of care and love.

one of the best tasting, quickest meals ever made.
great for all ages, especially college students, young children, and even babies!
pete really makes a mean batch of goulash!

wow, daddy’s goulash always tastes great!
goulash is a soup or stew of meat, usually seasoned with paprika and other spices. originating from the medieval hungary, goulash is a popular meal predominantly eaten in central europe but also in other parts of europe.
i made goulash for lunch, you want some ?

make sure you bring some potatoes over, i cannot prepare the goulash without it.

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