gowdy is something (usually a person) that farts and eats all the time. a gowdy is usually male as it likes to be lazy and prefers not working. people who talk a lot of rubbish can also be described as being a gowdy. e.g. talking about zombies taking over the world in a serious manner
webby: ‘william was being a total gowdy yesterday’
jonny: ‘i know, he just stayed at roberts all day and got food to eat’
an adjective used to describe something that is either: a rough or hairy situation, someone that is not physically attractive, or an event (i.e. a party, concert, etc.) that is a blasty blast.
can be used same as the word bad, it can be either bad or good depending on the context of use.
1. f-ck man that party last night was gowdy.
2. sh-t. i f-cked up. i porked some gowdy b-tch last night.
3. dude, that car accident was f-ckin gowdy.

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