Grade 9

a extremely hot creature thats natural habitat is in a highschool
derek’s sister is such a grade 9, i want to give her a arnold.

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  • gr*ss rat

    someone who says they’re a landscaper or advertises landscaping services, but really just cuts lawns for a living the truck says “joe’s landscaping” but joe is just a gr-ss rat

  • graund-boshay

    somathing that is beautiful, something that is fabulous and pretty. all the good stuff. oh!!!!!be careful with this dress! its graund-boshay!

  • gravchav

    old chav/chavette.or a elderly chav/chavette the gravchavs are going bingo tonight.

  • grave mongler

    a grave mongler involves two parts: the “jumper” and the “mongler” once a fresh grave is chosen, remove the body, and designate one person to be the jumper and the other the mongler. the jumper will jump on the deceased’s stomach, while the mongler waits at either the v-g-n- or -n-s for the bodily fluids […]

  • scippy

    a scene/ hippy kid woah look at maggie’s clothes she is such a scippy i want to be just like her!

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