Grand Slam Dump

a large sh-t that involves sweating and strainging so much that a change in wardrobe is necessary. counting down from 10, start removing all your clothes. when all clothes are removed, release the load of sh-t from your -n-s and yell “grand slam”. then, if you are spencer meyer, continue to m-st-rb-t- on the spot.
dude, i just took a grand slam dump. it was awesome. thats the second one this month!

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  • Kooie

    kooie is the smell between the b-tthole and t-st-cl-s/v-g-n-, (the gooch area). bar dude: d-mn girl let me get down on that fur burger.. bar chick: okay hottie sounds good to me.. bar dude: your ham wallet looks good but i just cant stand that “kooie”! later ho!

  • mega almy

    talking about sh-t that n-body cares about in a loud and obnoxious manner while wearing pastels. there were so many hot women at the party until mega almy showed up.

  • megabars

    derived from pittsburghese slang word bars. when someone pwns or burns another’s face, someone shouts ” facebars!” however, many people don’t like the slang bars therefore ironically mock its use by using bars-bars, or megabars person1: your face is ugly person2: oooh, bars! person3: dude, youre still using bars??? person4: oooh, bars-bars! that’s megabars!

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    some one who thinks he knows all about led zeppelin, but is really just a wanna be, sucks at the drum’s, and thinks he was n0e’s lover, but then realized he was #2 to me mekimirme is gay and doent know sh-t about lz

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