a beautiful shade, either dark or light. people with the last name gray are usually mysterious, intriguing, and will mesmerize you..
did you see that beautiful gray suit, he was wearing?

a shade of white darkened by black. also the coolest persons name. she loves grey goose.
gray goose got me loose, and i killed joeys moose cuz it went on the loose with a bottle of booze. kicked him in the nuts and he said “what the deuce?!?” so i grabbed his face, opened his eyes and poured down some poisonous juice
the most amazing person in the world, who is very athletic and awesome. and he is a lot better then his friend max.
gray: hey

girls: -faint-
(adjective) white, caucasian, european as in ‘gray cat’ (white person). (mid-20th-century black hip slang; usually somewhat derogatory.)
‘i never thought i’d see a gray cat in this place.’
one of, if not the worst town in ess-x. not so much that its rough, but more god d-mn boring. dull cheap shops, there is a greggs though. population of a fair few chavs. if you like your days filled with nothing, on top of doing more nothing alongside doing f-ck all, this is the town for you.
let’s go to grays and do nothing.
gangsta, pimp, hotty, fly, a boss, the life of the party, one who attracts the ladies and typically is given to a man who is sweet at life.
what is the word g ray?
an unprecedentedly amazing, humorous, and charismatic man. first making an appearance at peninsula regional hospital on february 4th, 1992.
look there goes gray, he gets so gnarly.

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