slang for a union automotive worker typically based out of michigan or ontario, canada who slacks and stops working 30 minutes before his/her shift ends.
double j is half way to the bar and his shift isn’t over yet. what a greasefart!
a grease fart is a nasty -ss fart that is highly flammable. this fart is kind of like a shart. when u have a grease fart lots of p–p or sh-t comes out. the sh-t can be small or super small. big sh-ts rarely happen. only after you eat ethiopian food. grease farts are impossible to miss. by that i mean they smell awful. like a dead cat wrapped around a smelly puib cover scr-t-m bag. that sh-t is nasty! if you ever have a grease fart you should evacuate your house right as it happens. if inhaled, a grease fart can fill your lungs with a smell that is worse than anything in the world!
dominic: yesterday i had a grease fart!
maria: oh s$&@!
dominic: i know! it happend after i had ethiopian food so i had a large shart. the house smelled so bad.i had my house evacuated and decontaminated by my piece of sh-t maid

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