greasy chook

the act of rubbing your p-n-s around the inside of a kfc bucket for lubrication
dude, the greasy chook worked perfectfully on rebecca over there, i think she gained an extra kilo!

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  • hairy cuc*mber

    a d-ck with hair covering a majority of the shaft and foreskin. “f-ck him? i didn’t even blow him. he had a full on hairy cuc-mber and i gtfo.

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    a b-tch that likes to take it 3 feet in the -ss “i’m h-rny, can you give it to me?” “in the -ss?” “duh!” “you sure are a hoefler!”

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    a f-gg-t lightly brown kid that doesn’t share and people don’t like him, also has a baby face. no one likes you indo kid your a f-ggot

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    to be invisitated is to be made invisible. the past tence of invistat. the guy on tv was invisitated.

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