Greek Passion

preferring -n-l s-x, especially with men, to the exclusion of all other s-xual practices. among gays, the practice of having -n-l s-x without foreplay.
if you’re looking for romance, don’t look at him – he’s a greek p-ssion kinda guy.

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  • green avalanche

    when a male is giving oral s-x to a female and blows a snot rocket into her v-g-n- hot d-mn theres a green avalanche rollin down my -ss!

  • greth

    a good old fashioned p-ss! originates from the shetland isles. a non offensive slang term. very descriptive indeed. oh holy h-ll…am gonna have to go and greth! jim: where you off to frank? frank: goin to greth.

  • grinchfoot

    good weed. like a rabbit’s foot is lucky, a grinch’s foot will leave you looking like you’re a d-ck who would steal everything from under one’s tree. dude, dimes had some grinchfoot that made me forget she was fine like the queen of england.

  • grit pit

    definition: a dubstep version of a mosh pit example: did you hear that last track? b-tch-s got crazy in the grit pit!

  • griznoz

    1. grill 2. buisness. why are you all up in my griznoz?

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