green mile

the short “mile” that a prisoner walks before he is executed on prison grounds by the force of the law.
there’s a dead man walkin’ on a green mile.
a book written, in six parts, by steven king, about life on a prison bloc and the lives of some of the inmates, such as delacroix and john coffee. was also made into a movie. the t-tle comes from the hallway inmates walk down before they are to be executed by electric chair.
when john coffee walked to the chair, no one had the b-lls to cry “dead man walkin’ on the green mile!”
any distance walked that feels like an epic journey because you’re stoned.
“dude i walked the green mile to cvs last night, but the snacks were completely worth it.”
when you get all green lights while driving to your destination.
real n-gg-: thurgood, why you so happy.
thurgood: n-gg-, i got a green mile comin’ here.
a large plot of land for growing marijuana.
d-mn dude you must spend a pretty penny cultivating that green mile.
a network of rural roads that isn’t patrolled by cops, and therefore is safe for driving while smoking weed.
“dude, let’s smoke some weed.”
“nah man, my roommate isn’t cool with weed.”
“f-ck it, get in the car and we’ll drive the green mile.”
road to riches, on tha paper chase, tha block, any path to getting money
where u been mayne?

i been on that green mile.

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